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Auto batteryWe’ve all been there, in the middle of nowhere on a straight stretch of road when the car suddenly overheats. Or maybe it was on a busy freeway when the unthinkable happened and a tire went flat.

There’s no need to worry. Low Price Towing will rescue you from all the unpleasantness of being stuck on the side of the road. We offer prompt service, a fast response time, and low prices. You’ll never be so thrilled to see a tow truck as when we pull up behind you to offer a lift.

The road sometimes throws unexpected curves in a motorist’s path, so keep our phone number handy and be prepared for anything.

Low Price Towing
3469 Roe Street
London, ON, N6L 1R2

Phone: 519-697-2015
Fax: 519-266-5370
E-mail: lowpricetowing@hotmail.com

AZ Truck License
Smart Driver Certificate


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