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    Car towing and servicing

    We provide quality services in a very reasonable price

    Free diagnostics

    We offer one of the best diagnostic team that will give due consideration to your vehicle and the underlying issues. We have extremely experienced professionals who are capable of achieving the best results in short period of time.

    Fast repair

    We offer quick and affordable repairs that will ensure that you are back to business in the shortest possible turnaround time. We have one of the fastest reporting services that reach out to you even in the farthest of locations.

    90 days warrenty

    Our skilled operators and repair technicians are trained to handle both medium to heavy duty vehicles. Apart from towing your vehicle to your desired location, we bring damage free repairs along with 90 days quality assurance coverage!

    About Us

    We pride ourselves to be one of the best emergency roadside assistance services in Canada!

    At Low Cost Towing services, our goal is to provide fast, experienced and friendly towing and recovery services. Since we value your time and money, we are quick to respond the moment we receive your call. So, whenever you find yourself in the most vulnerable position, our team will reach out to you in the shortest turnaround time.

    Frequently Asked Question

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer
    some of the most common ones.

    No, as all the conventional tow trucks are capable of lifting all the wheels of the vehicle off the ground.

    Yes, going for any random service provider means that they can damage your vehicle. This is because towing puts stress on the engine fluids and this causes it to heat up like a pressure cooker. If the fluid is inadequate, towing will overwork the components and cause serious damage. Similarly, uneven weight distribution, straps, etc. can take a toll on the expensive vehicle.

    If you have a good service provider like Low Cost Towing services, Canada you can achieve the desired results. However, going for a random service provider will cause risk damage to the manual transmission especially if the towed vehicle is in the’park’ instead of being in neutral. Conversely, automatic transmission does not disengage when the vehicle is in the neutral and Towing can force it to move in wrong direction.

    No, it is quite the opposite. Since the car is transported on a flatbed truck in Low Cost Towing services Canada, you can ensure that your vehicle reaches to the desired location easily and efficiently.

    Yes, all the drivers undergo extensive specialised training program and then undergo mentorship under experienced trainer until they are able to achieve the best results for your needs.

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    About us

    At Low Cost Towing services, our goal is to provide fast, experienced and friendly towing and recovery services.

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    Low price is def by far most professional, punctual, and consistent towing company I’ve delt with , I don’t trust many people to tow a Maserati but these guys definitely know what they’re doing !!! GOOD JOB GUYS πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

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    These guys accommodated my schedule perfectly. They picked up my VW Bus from the country and safely dropped her in London, all on a Saturday afternoon of a long weekend. Great price with great service.

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    Testimonial #3 Designation

    Fadi was very quick and help out very well. He was At the tow In less then hour. He had good customer service. Thanks again Fadi

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    Testimonial #4 Designation

    These guys are awesome! The owner was fantastic and very personable. He had arrived early and charged me exactly what he had quoted on the phone. He had found the time to come out to me right away and was quick to unlock my car.

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    Testimonial #5 Designation

    Very professional. Called them and answered right away. Towed me from Tillsonburg to London in no time. I would highly recommend and very good customer service. Will use them again in the future for all my towing needs.

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