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Vehicle Boosting

Vehicle Boosting Services

The reason that makes Low Price Towing services one of the best in Canada is that it is affordable and available at your disposal 24x 7. You need to simply make a call and we will be there for you.

If in case all you need is a battery boost then you can get your vehicle started. Even if you tried boosting the vehicle, here are a few signs that you can get the best results – 

  • When you turn the key, the starter simply clicks
  • A collection of oxidized sulfur is apparent
  • There are signs of seepage at the top of the battery
  • Your battery terminals are corroded

With Low Price Towing services, we use high quality 1500 peak battery booster packs. Similarly, all the staff along with technicians are well trained and experienced to handle all forms of issues easily and efficiently. They also help you to know if a vehicle boost is needed.

Thus, if you detect a strong sulfuric acid smell or your car battery looks swollen or if the caps have popped off then do not attempt to boost your vehicle. Our towing services will be more than happy to help you to reach out to the desired repair facility

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